Tuesday, 9. October 2007
ClasspathSuite: Searching for a New Home
It's time again to ditch some dear but no longer needed weight: A couple of month ago I developed ClasspathSuite, a little JUnit4 extension to run test suites which are distributed among several (Eclipse) projects and/or several jar files. At that time I was in need of such a tool and I have enhanced it slightly over the last few months.

Now that JUnit 4.4 is available, some internals of ClasspathSuite do not work any longer, and I just don't find the time to delve sufficiently deep into JUnit 4.4 to make ClassptahSuite do its job.

So, folks, anyone willing to take the project over? Of course, I will provide as much support as I can; the project has some 20 classes including tests. A piece of cake for you, I'm sure.