Wednesday, 25. April 2007
Stories to Come
Being on a conference can be fun. Even more so if eventually the time you spent in preparing your workshops and sessions turns out to be well invested.

That's why I feel really sorry for myself that I could not be co-lecturer on monday's power workshop about "Advanced Techniques of Test-Driven Development"; instead I spent the day in a hotel bed trying to cure a flu-like fit of severe headache and fever. So my friend Tammo would have had to cope with the 70 something participants all on his own if Stefan had not come to rescue. Many thanks to both.

However, that day of a good sleep seemed sufficient to make me recover for yesterday's talk on "Test-Driven Ajax". My ex-colleague Marco (andrena objects) and I finished the demo just-in-time and it turned out to be a fine seesion - at least for us speakers. There's a participant's report on the JAX conference blog roll.

As an outcome of all the preparation I plan to cover a few topics in the weeks to come:
- Groovy and testing Java code more dynamically
- Testing and mocking JavaScript
- How to integrate FIT and Selenium

And of course I'll put the slides on slideshare as soon as I'll be back home. Enjoy!